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  • What can public relations do for my business?
    A lot of people overcomplicate public relations but it is actually very simple. It is a way of communicating messages to people - so that they think, feel and ultimately do something about your brand. This is often done through placing stories in magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, and online press. However, we tap into lots of other tools as well - blogs, product placement on TV, newsletters, PR stunts, competitions, focus groups and surveys, events, podcasts, and social media. For example, you might need to educate people about your new restaurant, so that they understand what makes it different to your competitors. This is done through sharing the facts through your chosen media channel. You can then use PR to help create an emotional connection with that audience - perhaps through sharing the inspirational life story of the chef or the fact that you use produce grown just down the road. Both of those things should lead to those people booking a table at your new restaurant. Result.
  • Do you guarantee PR results?
    Yes, we do. The exact guarantee will depend on the individual arrangement, but we do believe that you should expect to see some tangible results from your PR investment. For example, if you are paying for a media based campaign, then you should see 1+ pieces of quality coverage. The details will be discussed with you and written into your specific contract.
  • Can I run a PR campaign myself?
    Absolutely - some people will have you believe that public relations is some mystical art that only us consultants can master. However, the truth is that anyone can generate good results with some guidance and the right media list. And securing your own coverage can be incredibly empowering. The key thing preventing most people from doing it themselves is time. It can take hours to pull together story angles, content, media lists, and to put in the graft that is needed to pitch stories and maintain relationships with journalists, VIPs, and influencers. If you do want to give it a shot, we are more than happy to provide training and mentorship.
  • Will I need to pay extra for media coverage?
    No! Some consultancies will recommend that you spend money on advertorials and other types of paid content, but that is not our preferred approach. Public relations is so powerful because the content is not paid for - with stories often being shared through a trusted third-party (such as a journalist). We have no problem with advertising, it definitely has its place in the marketing mix, but it should not be confused with PR. We will never ask you to pay extra to secure media coverage.
  • How does the fee structure work?
    Our public relations solutions are finely tailored to each client, so we don't have a set fee. We provide a free one hour consultation where we can discuss your needs. If you are interested and like the sound of what we can offer you, then we will pull together a quote that is completely personalised. For retainer clients (those that are on a monthly contract), we invoice in arrears - with 21 day payment terms. We use a time tracking and invoicing app called Harvest, which provides granular detail around exactly what was done with the time that you paid for. For one-off projects and casual work, payment is required in advance.
Image by Aneta Voborilova
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