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Specialising in public relations for food, drink, entertainment, art, and tourism brands across the UK.


PR Campaigns

We love nothing more than helping innovative food, drink, entertainment, art, and tourism brands shout their stories from the rooftops, using media releases, events, product drops, competitions, PR stunts, media visits, social media, content creation, and more. PR campaigns can be short and punchy (2-3 months) or longer, with sustained activity to help build your brand. Contact us for a no obligation chat and we can discuss your exact needs, and provide a public relations proposal that is perfectly tailored to you and your brand. 

Media Releases

Media releases (also known as press releases) are still one of the best ways to get your news in front of the right audience. We have written thousands of them, generating coverage across every type of media outlet - ranging from the BBC, The Guardian, Forbes, Marie Claire, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Good Food, and National Geographic - to more niche, and regional publications. We will help you define your brand messaging and develop the story angles that journalists, editors, and producers want to publish. Drop us a line and we will talk you through how it all works.

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Social Media

Social media puts you and your brand right in front of your customer - and many journalists also now scour the platforms for potential stories. It is well worth putting in the time to create a compelling, engaging online brand. We can help you define the tone of voice, personality, and messaging that will best resonate with your specific audience. We can get as involved as you like - from simply providing social media guidelines and a strategy, to producing top notch photography, video, and written content. Get in touch for a chat.

Copywriting & Content Creation

The perfect piece of content can command attention, inspire an emotional reaction, and convince someone to purchase a product, visit a destination or book an experience. Our backgrounds as PR specialists, journalists, photographers and designers, means that we can craft content that sets you apart - whether its SEO primed website copy, thought leadership pieces, blogs, photography, or video. Contact us for more info and to brief us on your next project.

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Brand Strategy

We have built brands from the ground up - including those in the travel and tourism, food, accomodation, experience, entertainment, and art industries.


We can serve as valuable mentors throughout your business journey, helping you health check your brand, its effectiveness, and providing advice on elements that could be tweaked and improved. We use a wide range of tools, such as workshops, focus groups, surveys, and research, to help you finetune your brand purpose, vision, values, audiences, brand personality, and voice. Set up a quick chat with us to find out more. 

PR & Media Training

At Feather & Fern PR, we're huge supporters of businesses learning to take control of their own public relations campaigns. We would be delighted to support you on this journey, if it's what you decide to do. We have been training individuals and teams for decades, starting from one-hour sessions to two-day workshops. Areas include PR strategy development, social media, media release writing and story pitching, and media training. Let us know what you are interested in, and your training goals and we will make a recommendation that is tailored to you.

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